Our Services

At Sherwood, we are proud of our ability to prune trees beautifully! We hone in on our clients’ needs so that we can advise them with educated advice for long-term tree care. All of our team members understand the thought process that goes into each and every pruning cut and at Sherwood we are all dedicated to continuing education of tree pruning techniques. It is common for us to perform a “crown clean,” a partial or slight “crown reduction,” an appropriate “crown thin” and a “crown elevation” all on the same tree. Educating Tampa Bay residents about tree pruning is important to us so that people understand what they can do for their trees and the reasons why.

Tree Removal

Unfortunately, it is sometimes necessary to remove trees. As passionate tree lovers this is a last resort for Sherwood Tree Service. But when we do have to remove a tree we have the large machinery and experience necessary to make sure the job gets done safely and efficiently.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Keeping your trees trimmed regularly promotes healthy growth.

Tree Support Systems

At Sherwood we are experienced in the correct installation of cables and braces in trees. Sometimes there are limbs, stems or portions of a tree that require extra measures to mitigate the risk of failure or breaking. In these instances, we have several options for our clients and their trees.

Crown Cleaning

Crown cleaning is the removal of dead, diseased, cracked, dying, broken or crossing limbs in a tree. For obvious reasons crown cleaning has many benefits for safety and plant health reasons. At Sherwood we also think that crown cleaning has great aesthetic benefits to a tree property!

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a pruning method that focuses on reducing the size and weight of the overall canopy or of individual limbs. The goal of crown reduction can be to reduce the weight of a limb, to prune for appropriate clearance from structures by reducing the length of a limb, to repair storm damaged limbs or to obtain a desired shape/balance in a canopy. It is important to us that our clients in Tampa Bay understand the relevance of crown reduction and in particular the difference between “trimming” a tree and this preferred and more specific terminology that better describes what the client might need to meet their needs. Crown reduction is very relevant in storm prone areas since in mature trees it is one of the only methods to help mitigate risks of large branch or limb failure.

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is the selective removal of branches throughout a canopy. There are many benefits to thinning the canopy of most broadleaf trees, including increased light and air penetration as well as reduced wind resistance. An important piece of advice to Tampa Bay residents would be that interior growth is vital to a tree, so any thinning should be done selectively and also never repeated annually. We like to recommend clients call us whenever they like for a review of their trees (we’re always happy to talk trees!) but they should really be looking at 3-5 years before repeating any crown thinning.