Preparing Your Trees For A Hurricane

Protect Your Trees in Preparation for Hurricane Season

To be prepared several months prior to hurricane season, we recommend the following:

  1. Have your trees pruned within the tree species dormant season or in early spring. 
  2. Ensure your trees are cleared of deadwood. 
  3. Always work with a licensed and insured certified arborist.
  4. Don’t go overboard on the trimming. 

Preparing your yard for hurricane season is a necessity when you live in Florida. Many years can pass between the worst storms, but it is important to always prepare your yard and home for this inevitable event. Trees that are professionally pruned are stronger, healthier, and are better equipped to withstand a storm.

Sherwood Tree Service will prune off dead branches that could fall or be blown around in heavy winds. If there are dead trees on your property, they should be removed. Do not remove large, healthy branches. A large cutting wound is more prone to infection and disease and if your trees become unhealthy, they will be more likely to fail (break or uproot) during a heavy storm.

  • Never allow a tree service company to “top” or “hatrack” your trees. Topping is when you sheer off the top of a tree’s canopy. This practice is outlawed by many counties and municipalities because of the damage it does to trees. This malpractice kills trees and does not make them safer in storms.
  • Do not allow a tree company to “lion tail” your trees. This is when they remove small branches from the larger branches and all the foliage is left only at the very end of the branch. This makes your trees top heavy and unhealthy. Think of an umbrella in heavy winds. The wind will grab at the ends and can pull the tree out of the ground.

Always call Sherwood Tree Service—a certified arborist—any time you have any questions or concerns about the trees and shrubs in your yard. Sherwood Tree Service has the experience and expertise to help ensure your trees and yard are as ready as possible when the next hurricane season comes around.